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'Must-See’ Spanish tile at CERSAIE 2014!

We are just weeks away from the opening of CERSAIE 2014 (Bologne, Italy). Close to 90 ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturers from Spain will be showcase their new collections inspired by the latest decorating and design trends.

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Thanks to new technologies, Spanish tile can reinvent itself each season to create its own style, with details that make each piece something personal and unique.
Here’s a look at some of the Tile of Spain trends we are already seeing in remodeling and decorating projects all over the world:

_ Vintage styles
Classic formats continue to gain fans. Square 4×4″ tiles or rectangular 4X8″ tiles in basic colors black or white, grays, or pastels like pink and baby blue, mostly with a gloss finish, provide simplicity and elegance to any space. The new vintage pieces are octagons connected by inserts with vintage reliefs. Their chic high profile creates simple and cozy romos.

_ Mix & Match Ceramic: Created from the mash-up phenomenon (re-mix of two previous works to create a third). In this case ceramic tiles are mixed with diversity: materials, textures, colors, formats, and graphic motifs. The object in these projects is to find unique solutions in this coming together of different combinations which before could have never been possible. The versatility of mix and match tiles makes it possible to be used in a living room floor or a kitchen wall, combining them with other materials to give the space a personal touch.

_ Gradients: The quality and variety of the color palette in ceramic tiles allows for the use of this installation style which goes from a darker to lighter shade or vice versa. The result is unique and personal since darker colors can be used to add energy or warmth to a room. To make the design more complex and interesting installers you can play with ZIgzag patterns.

_ Subtle reliefs: Tiles with volume are softened by creating a visual game with original details. This slight volumetric accent which is used as a decorative focal point is obtained by the soft finishes of the glossy ceramics, the pink hues and mat pieces. Sometimes the decorating rhythm is altered by a row of decorative tiles with extra large motifs such as flowers, leaves, abstracts, etc. to purposely draw attention.

_ Hexagons: Floor and wall tiles have entered the world of geometry by bringing back the beehive. The forms and figures that hexagon pieces offer, opens up an impressive collection of design possibilities. For a more contemporary feel, add decorative pieces with prints (painted or enameled) in a random pattern.

_ Mirror Mirror: Ceramic mosaics become “powerful” in their new combinations of metallics with mirrored effects. When installed in certain walls they can make other elements sparkle, giving the space a most cosmopolitan look

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