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Tiles are feeling blue… (and white)

Looking to the future while taking inspiration from the past, the Spanish tile industry has developed new designs in a classic blue and white palette, often influenced by the ‘Delft’ school of 17th Century Holland. These traditional yet timeless looks offer fresh possibilities for applying a vintage or bohemian ambience to contemporary interior design schemes. Tile of Spain showcases some of the key trendsetters for 2015
Delft Decoration
A classic décor style, delft patterns traditionally tell stories that captured the essence of life in the 17th century. Common themes are references to windmills, fishing boats, landscapes and seascapes - or whimsical and intricate floral or geometric patterns.

Folk Fusions
Inspired by classic aesthetics but using contemporary techniques, these tiles capture the look and feel of encaustic cement but in a low-maintenance, porcelain version. Fusing modernity with history, this new era of tile design pays homage to familiar folk patterns.

A fine vintage
New generations of small format artisan-inspired tiles by Spanish manufacturers offer a vintage style pigment and glaze effect and a rustic, hand-made look in elegant blue and white palettes.

Harmonious Hexagons
Based on time-honoured Arabesque and Mediterranean designs, new hexagonal tile collections from Spain allow for eye catching design schemes for walls and floors.
Trend report - CEVISAMA 2015

While each manufacture proudly offers their own distinctive identity, emerging trends reflect the zeitgeist and a collective commitment to meeting the demands of contemporary design. Here are some of the key themes, from style to sustainability, evident in Spanish tile design.
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