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Footloose, ceramic outdoors

Footloose is the best philosophy to welcome good weather; it means to squeeze outdoors. The sun will enhance the life of our terraces, porches, gardens and, moreover, if these spaces are designed taking into account ceramic tiles, this passion for relax and enjoy will increase, as temperature rises.

It is not only a trend issue, it is about personality! The versatility of ceramics lets become a simple patio or terrace, in our little paradise connected with the outside. Thus, we might discover, among the last ceramic tiles collections inspired by stones, minerals of woods nature, the perfect match to create a personal atmosphere full of harmony. The finishings, generally matt with delicate decolorations, bring the sensation of ease and over time. The rhytmic disposal of the pieces, without aligning the joints, flatters this effect.

Take it easy and get ready to relax and enjoy your outdoors. The characteristics of the ceramic tiles –their inalterability in time, climate changes and resistance to high temperatures, slipping resistance- help decide the suitability of this material, that once it is installed, it barely requires special attention; increasing the usage time of your garden through the rest of the year.

How to make the terrace confounded with the horizon? Detail to detail it is easy to create an ambient more airy and diaphanous that makes your guests have no hurry to set a foot outside your house this summer. The ideal is study correctly the space to properly distribute each area depending on the use that we will give to it. Ceramics allows to create a continuous flow from the indoors to the outdoors using the same piece, giving the spaces a sensation of amplitude.

Variety of shades, linked to the freedom to choose the most appropriate tiles dimensions, permit to personalize outdoors without losing our homes essence, while summer activities are more current.
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Trend report - CEVISAMA 2015

While each manufacture proudly offers their own distinctive identity, emerging trends reflect the zeitgeist and a collective commitment to meeting the demands of contemporary design. Here are some of the key themes, from style to sustainability, evident in Spanish tile design.
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