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What we saw at CERSAIE 2015

More than 90 Spanish ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturers’ participated in the 32nd edition of Cersaie, held from September 28th to October 2nd in Bologna, Italy. Once again, the Spanish manufactures successfully exhibited their new collections based on the latest interior design trends in one of the biggest trade fairs all over the world.

Spanish companies are looking for new decorative trends to fulfil the interior as well as the exterior rooms. However, the ‘minimal style’ and the ‘retro style’ continue to be two of the most important proposals for next year. Besides, ceramic tiles featuring different kinds of wood are still a ‘must’ for designers and decorators.

New formats are another alternative for the Spanish manufacturers that propose to combine hexagonal formats getting along with traditional four-sided shapes. 

Talking about colours, palettes tend to be in two opposite ways. On one hand, they are softer and loss intensity, just paying attention to grey and ochre combined with blue, green and white. In contrast, we also find palettes that tend to be drastically strong creating a completely different palette. 
Last but not least, companies tend to show shaded gold colours and normally they only appear in particular details giving up the importance presence they used to have and trying to blend with wall and floor tiles.

Here you can find the new trend code for Cersaie 2015: Naturalism, Squared, Tempus Fugit, Free style and Sensory Recollections

Lines vs hexagons

This The trend is to show natural material signs like wood grains or marble veins, earthy colours, and eroded surfaces. In this case, the industry presents ceramic tiles with natural varnishes, low polishing or no final treatments, showing an essential material look. However, these textures are combined with the opposite idea in formats. The tile geometry is characterized for being complex with either hexagons or superposition but always looking for simplicity in the result.

Retro vs Minimal

In recent years, the tendency is to recall ancient styles and this is happening with ceramic tiles too. Ceramic floor and wall tiles used to show traditional patterns and create new designs based on classical motifs. New contemporary outlines are still on fashion but founded in classical pillars of art. The formats are always quadrangular or rectangular simulating the metro style. In order to show simplicity, tiles display a basic and soft range of colours: blue, white, green and grey complemented with polishing when necessary. In addition, the tile dimension is used as a decorative resource where different sizes are combined to get to an impressive result.

Tempus fugit
Classic vs Contemporary

Nowadays, the trending topic is ‘time’, and when designing, time is performed in various ways depending on personal tastes: with classical foundation or with contemporary roots. Ceramic tile leads the recreation of both styles because of its natural characteristics and its versatility when decorating. In order to sophisticate floors and walls, ceramic tiles are plain and smart, generally in black and white and with a symmetric disposal. However, the combination of octagonal formats with baroque decorative details can give a strong classical appearance. On the contrary, the contemporary trend tends to be more geometric, in earthen colours and with crafted and delicate glaze. The system when arranging the tiles is by random, getting special compositions on simple walls. 

Free style
Straight lines vs Angles

The new collections of ceramic tiles based on stones and minerals are, once more, one of the most important trends in Cersaie. Within this trend, we find tiles in big formats and they show a magnificent finishing in neutral colour scheme: grey, beige and cream. Besides, the extremes are often chosen in this trend: either matt tiles or super shiny glazed. These characteristics let the tiles blend the rest of the decoration, reaching balance and harmony in the whole room. This balance can only be broken by creating a zigzag scheme on the wall, which gives a dynamic sensation all over the place. Nevertheless, when choosing this style, it is recommended to use the same tile for the whole room trying to avoid any emphasis.

Sensory Recollections
Engravings vs Flowers

The Spanish Ceramic Tile industry wants to give an answer to any decorative need. New formats, colours and textures are new challenges for the Spanish companies that try to give something special in any room they create. That is why we find subtle engravings, which work like low reliefs in various colour ranges giving a new look to the space. We also see flowers and plants in metallic colours, like gold, which gives an elegant halo as well as sophistication to the whole collection. 

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What we saw at CERSAIE'15

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