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Ceramic tiles for the kids

In a family home, surfaces need to be functional and able to withstand daily use and wear and tear, without any great maintenance. When different areas of the home are adapted for children’s use, it is important to choose a safe, hygienic covering like ceramic tiles, with a sufficient resistance to last for many years.
Bedrooms, bathrooms and playrooms are “favourite” parts of the home until kids are well into their teens and these rooms must evolve in tandem with families. Their walls and floors play an important role and they must be covered in long-lasting, easy-to-clean materials with a décor that fits in with all the family’s tastes. Ceramic wall and floor tiles meet all these requirements to perfection.
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ASCER's Network of Ceramic Tile Studies Departments

ASCER has set up a series of Ceramic Tile studies departments at different Schools of Architecture in Spain and abroad since 2004.
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Ceramic Tile: building sustainability

Ceramic tiles take place in the sustainable architecture
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CEVISAMA 2014: press dossier

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