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Rustic ceramics: bringing back the taste for tradition

Summer is finally here along with much-awaited vacations, a time to relax and disconnect from the day-to-day. Rustic tile collections from Spanish ceramic tile manufacturers are at the forefront once again as key choices for decorating terraces, balconies and gardens frequently used in summer, as well as the high traffic spaces between interiors and exteriors of homes. Rustic floor and wall tiles allow us to bring back a feeling of tradition, not only in country homes but also in modern interiors.
Rustic ceramics: bringing back the taste for tradition
The natural hues of terracotta and rustic ceramic add warmth and personality to each space, keeping us in contact with Mother Nature: A place to nap in the sun, a small indoor patio, a place to plant a garden, etc. Besides their natural beauty, rustic tiles have technical advantages that allow their use in cold weather zones.

One of the most original characteristics found in both terracotta and rustic tiles are the irregularities in the finishes, which being a flaw it is in itself unique as there are no two pieces alike.

There are several formats (square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.) and in each line there is a wide variety of complementary pieces such as decorative edges, moldings, inserts, baseboards and steps. Besides the natural finish, there are rustic tiles available that are decorated with beautiful glass and enamel inlays as well as artisan crackles and subtle veined pieces, another way to personalize any space.

Here's a look at rustic ceramic and terracotta tiles from select Tile of Spain manufacturers.

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