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The decision to choose a specific type of product to use as a floor or wall covering should not only depend on how suitable it is for the intended use, but also on the fact that these features will remain unaltered for a reasonable period of time.

Also, it is important to note that current regulations define a series of requirements associated with the type of tile, and not their intended use. As a result, the Guide to Ceramic Tiles has defined a series of technical specifications connected with the uses of ceramic tiles (residential use, commercial and public use, high-traffic, urban equipment, etc.)

This means that it is essential that the ceramic tiles meet a series of technical specifications, some of which are the same for all of the different types of use (dimensional features, resistance to crazing, chemical resistance, etc.), and other specific requirements depending on the intended use of the tiles.

The following technical features associated with the intended use must be taken into account when choosing ceramic tiles:
- Mechanical features: these refer to the ability of the ceramic tile to withstand weight (tensile breaking load) and its resistance to wear (resistance to abrasion) while in use.
- Slip resistance: in order to measure this property, the method detailed in the Spanish Technical Building Code has been used, which classifies flooring into four categories: no requirements, dry interior floors; sloping or wet interior floors, and sloping wet interior floors, floors with grease, lubricants, etc., and exterior floors and swimming pools.
- Additional features: these refer to “exterior use” or installation in premises subject to aggressive cleaning, “hygienic use”
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