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Old & cool (classic elements)

The retrieve of vintage models is still one of the hottest trends in terms of home design and décor. The ceramic collections that are back to the past make the diffeence in the rooms, both in the flooring and the walls all over the house, creating an interior unique space. Ceramic tiles bring the essence of other times through its colors, formats, motifs and reliefs.
Lately, the taste for retrieving vintage pieces has been exponentially increased for the purpose of decoration, and mixing them with modern elements has been the way to find the perfect equilibrium between retro and modern. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms welcome ceramics in walls and flooring inspired in our ancestors’ houses. 

Bathrooms from a former age

Classic designs play a leader role in bathrooms, that part of the house that we eventually tend to decorate with more love. The increasing taste for evoking former ages’ styles has proved to be consolidated also in ceramics. In this sense, many recent collections include designs that retrieve either traditional geometric motifs or floral and vegetation elements, all inspired in the floral wallpapers used in the bathrooms of the early XX century. These are references that obtain a vintage look through decorations in blue, pink and grey monochromes. They are usually present in small format tiles, from the classical 10x10 cm to the mosaic, in order to create compositions in basic color ranges that use the enamel as a seduction weapon.

Retro look kitchens

Ceramic collections include, among its designs, walls and floors inspired in the patterns of the hydraulic tiles. It is renewed classic that fits the latest hits in interior design contributing with all the possibilities of the ceramic materials. Its multiple designs, which can make them fit or mix random combinations, give the opportunity of combining them with smooth tiles. This allows creating retro environments with a contemporary style.

Decoration with vegetation patterns is also in the spotlight. These patterns become subtler, smoothing the overall sensation, and are featured on colored bases that also evoke a green environment.

A classic that never dies

The new tile compositions based on the mix of designs, results in a modern version of a traditional trend. Those ceramic collections following this trend retrieve the memories and sensations lived in the old homes from a contemporary point of view. The collage of different motifs is an inspiration for decorating the floors and walls of the house’s main rooms. The most coveted motifs are geometric, Arabic and flowered.

They welcome either a ‘black & white’ or a colorful universe with blue and green on the top. In light of this richness, ideally the flooring would match the furniture, woodwork and walls in smooth or neutral colors, in order not to overload the environment.
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