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Tile trends appearing at CERSAIE 2017

Over 90 Tile of Spain companies showcased their latest ceramic tile innovations and collections at CERSAIE 2017 in Bologna, Italy. Once again, Spanish tile manufacturers debuted collections based upon popular design trends during the annual international show.
Here we look at tile trends from Tile of Spain companies presented at Cersaie 2017 and inspired by the latest in decorating and design – iridescent accents, classic elegance, new volumes, handmade inspiration, fusion and freshness, and style and simplicity.
Tile trends appearing at Cersaie 2017:
1. Iridescent Accents
Small mosaic pieces become more sophisticated with bright colors that are reminiscent of the metallic hues from the 1990s. Reinvented for today’s décor, the reflection of light adds brightness to the space while the small size creates an ambiance of coziness and splendor.
2. Classic Elegance 
A comeback to the classic tile style in the palaces and buildings of the 17th century, ceramic pieces are presented in monochromatic hues of green, rose, and blue with reliefs that imitate natural motifs. With its chromatic spectrum and decorative lines, as seen in the Earth series by Adex, there is a fierce comeback to this traditional style that has made these classic pieces irreplaceable.
3. New volumes
New dimensions in wall décor create attention grabbing, yet sophisticated patterns that are infused with vitality. Blending color with three-dimensional pieces has become the new trend for minimalist spaces. The details in the design and installation turn walls into works of art.
4. Handmade Inspiration
Inspiration from the process of making tile by hand generates unique ceramic pieces with artisan flair. Destressed looks, chipped enamels and grated surfaces ensure that no two decorative pieces are exactly alike. This refortified trend recalls the taste of yesteryear to beautify walls and floors.
5. Fusion and freshness 
The combination of ceramics with materials inspired by nature results in unimaginably creative pieces. Combinations of designs inspired by natural wood with hues of grey, black and white in a chevron pattern for an artistic, yet natural, feel.
6. Style and simplicity
Simplicity paired with the ornate is a trend utilized around the world. It is most often seen in minimalistic spaces. Creating harmonious asymmetry by alternating muted pieces with small decorative ones.
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